Flat Screen TV trends

Elevating The TV And Casino Experience
TV brands are becoming increasingly motivated to enhance the products they offer the consumer to go above and beyond the ordinary experience viewers have been satisfied with in the past. Beyond that, the trend has shifted so that the average viewer expects that the TV will actually do more in both form and function than was ever expected of a TV before. Shoppers, both private and commercial, are looking for a TV that will be flat, mountable to a wall, programmable, and can be remotely controlled even when the viewer is not in the same location as the TV itself. A recent poll of the most popular TV brands listed Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Sharp, and Visio among the top brands preferred by consumers. Have you ever thought about what you expect from your next TV and how manufacturers will be able to satisfy those expectations?


Casino LCD News

Everyone has one
In recent news this month, market researchers reported that TV sales were actually expected to take a dip in pre-Christmas sales because it has become so common-place for the average consumer to own some form of flat screen TV that they need something new to get excited about. TV consumers have seen the LCD, Plasma, and color-changing back lit models are waiting for the next exciting new dimension in their TV watching experience.
Panasonic plus Casino equals true
Looking toward the commercial sector, manufactures like Panasonic are taking the application of their technology into commercial environments like casinos. The screen is married with computer functionality to provide the casino "house", the guest, and security with options for convenience and visibility. Likewise, Samsung has combined the vibrancy of their displays with many models of their wireless phones to put the excitement of casino gambling in the palm of the users' hands. The users can play roulette, black-jack, fruities, poker and much much more.
Smart TV and 3D TV hitting the shelves
Some of the newest features to appear in the media are the Samsung 3D TV and their Smart TV. The 3D TV takes the viewer's experience to a whole new level by making images seemingly pop off of the screen and into the home theater. The Smart TV puts a variety of user apps in range of the viewers' remote control and provides access to social networking and other downloadable digital content.
Ball TV for Casinos
Earlier this year, Bally TV released their Internet based TV in-room technology for casinos to communicate directly with guests by sending them personalized in-room marketing messages, player's club account visibility, and cross marketing other amenities and services available on the casino's resort campus and online casino. Going the distance to attract clientele, Bally TV puts access to Internet based programming to include digital video, voice, and data right into each guest room.
TVs for the future
TV has become integrated into so many aspects of information transmission and yet can be so tailored to the specific preferences of the viewer, that the days of just being able to watch programming that has been made available by the networks is becoming a distant image of the past. Combining the advanced technology of the TV's of today and the services provided through cable, satellite, and Internet based providers there isn't much that TV's will be limited to going forward in the private or commercial application.